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Minutes of meeting held 21/10/2013

edited October 2013 in General
SGS meeting 21/10/2013, held at Roscoe's Bar

- Minutes of last meeting read

- The club is happy to announce an association with Hellfire Gaming Industries. As well as good prices anyway, club members will get an additional 5% off cash orders over £50, which can even be delivered straight to the club for you! Check it out here

- 6 new folding Tables and new boards (from TSS) have been ordered, and should be with us within a week or two.

- It was mentioned to members who may not be aware that the bar is (hopefully) about to undergo a lot of alteration work, which should give us plenty of space to put the aforementioned tables.

- Member's behaviour. Members were reminded that we have a very good deal at Roscoe's Bar, and we intend to stay there for a good while yet. Please refrain from boisterous behaviour, and don't leave a mess!

- On a related point, the bar has had complaints from neighbours about rowdy customers, though this seems to be caused by parties at the weekends. Details of the complaints can be seen here:
Basically, remember that there houses just across the road, and that people can hear every word you say...

- Personal property. Anything you bring to the club is at your own risk. Please respect other people's property, and keep an eye on your own.

- A 40k kill team tournament is planned, see this forum for details.

- A Pokemon tournament is also planned, see Ryan for details .

- There will be no club on 16th December, as the owner has a Christmas Party booked. This is fair enough, and is only the first time we've been asked to cancel a club night since we moved to Roscoe's.

- Members were asked if they wanted a Christmas party, 16 expressed interest. Watch this space.

- Members were asked if they wanted a secret Santa this year. 13 expressed interest. Craig will be organising this event, which has a £5 maximum price.

- Members were asked to produce their membership cards, which most couldn't. This is the best way for us to keep track of who is in the club so don't lose them, and try to bring them with you to club nights!

- 4 more t-shirts were given out. If anyone else wants a club t-shirt please let any committee member know.

- Smoggycon. The club will be hiring a minibus for Smoggycon this year and running a demonstration game of El Necromundo, a Necromunda inspired wild west skirmish which we have cobbled together ourselves. Tickets are £5 each to cover diesel plus £2.50 entry fee, though oddly women and under 14s are free! So if you want a cheap day out to see a bunch of hairy war-gamers in drag book your seat now, they are selling fast!

- In the treasurer's absence Liam will collect nightly fees.

- Next club meeting will be December 2nd


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