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Minutes of meeting 17.11.15

Minutes of SGS club meeting, 17.11.15

- Roof leaking. Adam has assured us that the roof leaks are being dealt with and won't happen again. Work on the building should be complete around Christmas.
- Sponsors. We are happy to announce that Roscoe's and Happy Rooster will be sponsoring the club. Happy Rooster, on North Marine Road, will be giving a 10% discount if you show your club membership card.
- Battlegrounds. The club will be taking a minibus to Battlegrounds on 28.11.15. Thanks to Happy Rooster this trip will be FREE- though a £5 deposit, refundable on the minibus, will apply.
- The next card tournament will be Magic, on 7.12.15 Lists to Willis please.
- There will be a Spoils demo on 23.11.15, with a free starter deck to all participants. This event will be for those aged 13+
- It was asked whether the sponsors should have their logo on the club shirts. It was agreed that was a good question.
- It was requested that minutes of meetings be posted online more frequently.


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