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Minutes of meeting 21.9.15

Minutes of SGS club meeting, 21.9.15

- Damage to club property. Several items have been damaged, if you get it out please put it away again safely.
- Rubbish. We have permission to eat our own food at Roscoe's, but please clear your rubbish away after. It is unfair to expect the staff to do it.
- Tournament fund limits. It was recommended that the prize fund be available to tournaments with 6 participants, down from 8. This was passed with 16 in favour, 11 not in favour.
- The next card tournament will be Pokemon, details on the forum. Deck lists may be handed in on the night.
- Next wargaming tournament will be Bolt Action, details on the forum.
- A new committee position was proposed, Events Organiser. This position would deal with all events, including day trips, demo days, barbeques etc... Simon Hildreth was proposed for this position, and this was passed with 18 in favour, 9 not in favour.
- A Spoils demo night is planned, date to be confirmed. This will be for ages 13+, and participants will get a free starter deck. 10 people expressed an interest.
- Secret Santa. If anyone wishes to participate in a Secret Santa this year please see Craig.
- New t-shirts are availabe free to members, if anyone wants one see any committee member.
- The free gift for next year was between t-shirts or dice bags. Dice bags won the vote with 18, t-shirts had 1 vote.
- Club dice are now 18 months overdue. Members were asked whether to ask for a refund or continue to wait. Votes for refund- 14, votes to wait-0.
Members were then asked whether we should seek a new source for dice. Votes for- 15, votes against- 12.
- Some members are showing reluctance to pay their £1 nightly fee. Please do not make the Treasurer's job any harder than it needs to be.
- It was requested that minutes of meetings be posted online more frequently.
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